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Urinary Incontinence or Pelvic Pain?

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Physical Therapy is
clinically proven to
relieve back pain

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help with your foot pain
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“I appreciated the staff being very both professional and relaxed and friendly at the same time.”

Stephanie R.

“This was not my first experience with physical therapy, but it was by far the best.”

Carol R.

“The facility is very clean, staff is kind, and most helpful. They explain everything well and teach you how to do the exercises’ correctly.”

Carla J.S.

“This is where to go for excellent care for whatever problem because of how knowledgable and caring the therapists are.”

Janice K.

“You are very important and Raj takes his time with you even when there is other people being treated.”

Jean A.G.

“You couldn’t find a better place to go.”

Donald S.

“This was the best physical therapy experience that I ever had.”

Patricia G.

“Fantastic, highly recommended, excellent treatment, everyone very personable.”

Lori S.